• The Brighter the Better – Staging with Lighting

    Lights, camera, ACTION! That’s what staging is really all about. You’ve created your master production. You’ve taken that sad, out dated, and sometimes stinky house with pink counter tops and cracked linoleum floors and created a beautiful contemporary home with gleaming hard wood floors, designer neutral colors and upgraded stainless steel appliances. Of course we’re going to stage it so a buyer will walk in the door and immediately be smitten by how perfectly this home will fit their life style. The stage is set. Now all that’s left is to hit the lights and … wait a minute, there are no lights! Uh oh.

    Let’s talk about lighting. In a theatre production, the lighting designer studies the script and creates a lighting design to produce the atmosphere for each scene. When we stage a home, we select the lighting that we bring for each room based on the style of the home, and the emotion we want to create when the buyer walks in the room. That’s why when we stage we leave all the lamps lit and often use up lights behind plants in corners. Soft romantic lighting creates a dreamy mood in the master bedroom. An elegant chandelier in the entry will set the tone for the entire home. And the best part is that for the impact lighting is relatively inexpensive. When selecting lighting, consider the style of the home, current trends and of course the use of the room. I’ve changed a room from a formal dining room to a home office by simply replacing the chandelier with a low profile ceiling light. In today’s work at home world, and the price point of the home, a home office was a stronger selling point than a formal dining room. For under $30 we made a change that combined with staging, sold the home in 4 days!

    My favorite stores for finding the right lighting at the right price are Lamps Plus, Home Depot or Lowes and Crescent Lighting in Bellevue. Entry and dining room chandeliers can be found for under $100.

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