• Staging

    I just woke up from a dream that I had to write a story (probably because day after tomorrow I am getting new videos made and I went to bed without writing the scripts).  In the dream I was given the basic details, it was a fantasy with fairies who lived in beautiful woods.  I was given the main characters, the hero heroine and some of the supporting characters.  Then they whoever they were said “Okay write the story”. 

    “But I can’t!”  I stressed.  “What does their living room look like?  What’s the color scheme?  How can I write a story when I can’t see the rooms and the furnishings?” 

    They, whoever they were, said “That’s your talent, you’ll figure it out.”

    So I started walking through my warehouse looking at my artwork and what sofas I had in stock thinking “What would fairies want in their house.  Probably soft pastels.  Most likely smaller furnishings.  I picked my favorite small celery green sofa, and some artwork that would compliment the colors and the theme of whimsical, fantasy.  Once I had decided on the main color scheme and artwork it was easy to start picking the accessories and other furnishings that would fill in the details of the decor.    “Okay,” I thought to myself, “Now that I can see where they live I can write the story!”

    That’s when I woke up and decided that I had better get out of bed and write it down, because if I waited until morning it would be a fuzzy blur.  This dream is really how I stage.  I am given the plot, that would be the floor plan and color scheme of a home,  the  main characters are the people who I imagine would live in the home; a young couple just starting out dreaming of the life they will be creating together, or the young professional who works downtown and wants a home that is trendy and sophisticated, yet warm and livable, the empty nesters who are downsizing and want space for hobbies and grandchildren. 

    The color scheme is almost always pretty neutral, beige or creams, occasionally I have a home with a striking orange or red pallette.  To start a design I have to select the sofa or artwork that I will use to build the design around.  Once I have selected the main pieces the rest of the design will begin to fall into place.  Easy  right?

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