• Staging With Art, Secrets to Hanging Pictures Perfect

    Monkey hooks, or some call them Hercules Hooks are the best thing since sliced bread when hanging pictures. These little gems hold up to 200 lbs and they just put this teency weency hole in the wall. I LOVE them. Not only do they hold a ton of weight but they are easy schmeasy to get into the walls. Even I can do it! Basically, you poke the pointy end into the wall and twist to work the hook in. The hook curves around the wall which provides the strength and voila’ you hang the picture. No more Molly bolts!

    So how high do you hang those pictures? My rule of thumb is to hang them about eye level for someone 5’4″. Now I’m only 5′ so I have to stand on my tippy toes to get the right height. And my main picture hanger, Eamen, is 6’2 so he has to stoop a bit to get them right. As always there’s an exception to every rule. For example art in children’s’ rooms can be hung a bit lower as your appealing to a shorter audience.

    When you are working with area’s where you have switch plates or low window sills you might want to hang the pictures higher or lower to avoid obstacles or create a more pleasing line.

    How many are too many? Of course the answer to this question depends on whether you are arranging art to please your eye, or whether you are staging your home to sell. I have a wall in my home that I have hung my collection of dinghy pictures. I have six pieces of various sizes that I hung on a black wall to create a colorful nautical mural. I like it, and it reminds me of all the boating vacations we have taken. Will I leave the wall when I sell? Probably not.

    Usually I recommend one large piece over several smaller pieces when I am hanging art in home that will be on the market. One large piece will create a color statement or focal point without adding visual clutter.

    If I want to draw attention to a high ceiling, I might choose 2 or 3 pieces and walk them up the wall to draw the eye up towards the ceiling.

    I tend to choose abstract art for staging, for the same reason that I don’t recommend too many personal photos. The art is an accessory to the wall to highlight the space. I may create a focal point with art, but not to highlight the artwork, it’s to add pop and color to the room.

    Next post I’ll focus on some of my favorite places to find great art, and go into some of my favorite tools to make hanging art a breeze!

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