• Staging a Haunted House…

    pumpkinNo matter what time of year you sell it’s always good to have a little bit of help from “the other side”. But what if the home you have just lovingly rehabbed seems to have unwanted visitors from the other side? Have I ever run into this you might ask? Why yes, at least two of the homes I have staged seemed to have unusual happenings that could have been contributed to a previous resident who is no longer in this world.

    The oddest case was the home that didn’t like us to hang pictures.   The home had an unusual floor plan and we knew it would be a challenge to create a practical and beautiful living space in some of the rooms. When we started staging things just didn’t feel right. Nothing that I could specifically put my finger on but there was definitely an unusual energy about the house. After finally arranging the furniture in a configuration that I felt would show well, we moved to the final touch of hanging art. We would hang art securely in the living room and entry then go on to other rooms in the home. Suddenly we heard a loud crash! Running into the living room, to see what happened we found the art on the floor. The nails were still secure in the walls and there didn’t seem to be a problem with the weight of the piece for the nail. But since it fell we pulled out the nail and replaced it with a Hercules Hook, sometimes known as a monkey hook. Now a Herc hook can hold up to 250 lbs. and I knew for a fact that piece of art was nowhere near that heavy. So off we went to continue staging. Then CRASH! It happened again.   I just didn’t have time for this and I didn’t want to have my art destroyed from being dropped on the floor by an opinionated spirit. So, this time I stood in the middle of the living room all 5 foot 1 of me and said in a loud voice “We are going to make this house look beautiful for a new family whether you like it or not, so STOP moving my art!” The funny thing was the art stayed on the wall and was still there when we went back to de-stage. I have to say that the house sold and flipped at least once before it finally closed.

    When you are buying distressed properties you don’t always know what went on in the home, but if the home was a foreclosure you can be pretty confident that there is some negative energy in the home. Some people are more sensitive than others to left over energy but it doesn’t hurt to do a little energy cleansing before you put it back on the market if something just doesn’t feel right to you. Just spraying the inside of the home with a mixture of kosher sea salt, water and a few drops of Rosemary oil will help to give the home a positive lift and add a slight Rosemary aroma. Sage smudge sticks can be found at New Age stores such as Zenith on Roosevelt or The East West Book store.

    You can also consult with a Feng Shui practitioner to help with energy clearing and advice. I have on occasion called on my good friend and Feng Shui Realtor Diane Easley when a home doesn’t sell or is particularly challenging.  Of course price, location and staging are critical to getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar, but it doesn’t hurt to cover all the bases right?

    If you have a specific question, call me or post it on my Facebook page, and I will feature your question with an answer on my bi-weekly radio show on the Chat with Women Network. Listen in the first and third Wednesday of the month on KKNW 1150 AM radio from 8:00am to 9:00am!

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