• Staging for Fall, Spice it up!

    Days are getting shorter, leaves are turning, and there is a definite chill in the morning air.  Sundays are now dedicated to football, and chili and stews are replacing hamburgers on the grill.  Sweaters and jeans are in, shorts and tanks are out!  Why not add a little fall color and spice to your home?  Fall colors are fabulous! Rich oranges, brilliant yellows and luxurious burgundy’s abound in nature, bringing them into your home will make it warm, cozy and inviting, and best of all it’s easy and inexpensive!

    In the living room, add a rich burgundy throw casually tossed on a sofa or comfortable chair.  Simply add a cup of tea and a good book and voila’ a rich and warm fall retreat.  Replace the centerpiece on the coffee table with a vase filled with greenery and fall leaves.  Add some heavy candle sticks with spice scented candles and not only will your room feel rich it will be filled with the comforting aroma of cinnamon or pumpkin spice.

    In the dining room, simply adding a rich brown, orange or golden-yellow runner, and a bowl or basket filled with deep olive faux pears.  Your grocery store is filled with sqaush, pumpkins and colorful fall corn create an arrangement from veggies’ or again simply take a walk and collect leafs and branches that delight your eye.  Arrange them in a vase add candle sticks and your stage is set for intimate dinners of rich soups and stews.

    And don’t forget the bedroom!  Replace the light summer quilt with a rich down comforter, or simply add a fun faux fur throw to the end of the bed!  A vase filled with rich yellow or orange mums either fresh or silk add a pop of fall color to your night stand that will delight you when you cuddle up in your blanky during crisp fall evenings.

    I think the most important thing is to let your home change with the seasons, and follow natures with flare!

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