• It’s all about that paint

    Next too, “what does it cost to stage” I think the most frequently asked question I have is “What color should I paint my _____”. I used to advise against gray but right now gray is definitely a hot color in the northwest. But which gray? I have to admit that 50 shades is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the variety of grays available, even if you are only looking at one paint manufacturer. For example Sherwin Williams offers over 72 different shades of gray, starting with 59 in the cool neutral family, over 10 in the warm neutral family, a few in the green family, some in the violet and one in the white color family. My favorite Sherwin Williams shade of gray is Alpaca, a “greige” that offers the sophistication of gray but the warmth of a soft beige, and didn’t even come up in the search for grays!   Benjamin Moore has a shades of gray collection that offers 30 different grays, ranging from cool blues to warmer greens and beige grays. So what’s a designer to do?

    Here are three tips on choosing the gray that will be right for your project, whether you are painting your own home or painting to create a beautiful product that will sell quickly.

    1. Always keep the style of the home in mind. You might love a cool and sophisticated white gray that suggest modern sophistication, but if the home is a traditional split level in a conservative neighborhood, a warmer gray would probably be a better choice.
    2. Lighting is critical. That awesome warm gray might look stunning in bright sunlight, but on a dreary fall evening it could change to a muddy depressing hue. Always paint a small sample on several walls and check it out morning afternoon and evening to see how the color changes. If you love it at all times of day, go for it!
    3. Don’t choose a color because you: a. saw it in a magazine and it looked great. b. you saw it on a wall in an open house or model home and loved it, or c. your friend, mom, sister, brother, etc. painted their house that color and it looked good in their house. Please go back to tip 2 before choosing a paint color.

    A final tip is to keep in mind that your wall color is the canvas and not the star of the show when creating the room. A warm neutral gray can be paired with just about any color or style which makes it a perfect choice for walls whether interior or exterior. Here’s one sample of a home we staged where the gray was the foundation for a trendy style that sold in 4 days:


    As you can see, gray is the perfect background for everything from hot oranges to cool chartreuse and teals. I’d love to talk to you about your project and have either myself or one of my designers help you choose the color and style that is perfect for you!
    If you have a specific question, comment here or post it on my Facebook page, and I will feature your question with an answer on my bi-weekly radio show on the Chat with Women Network. Listen in the first and third Wednesday of the monthg on KKNW 1150 AM radio from 8:00am to 9:00am!

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