• June Backyard Staging – Decked out Decks

    Whether you have an amazing view of the sound or just a back deck ready for entertaining, this is the time of year to stage for outdoor living. We might not always have the best weather, but hey we in the Northwest, don’t let a little rain, or gray sky interfere with our outdoor living. We like to be outside year round, which is what makes creating an outdoor space that is family and weather friendly so important when selling a home. In fact this time of year the right outdoor staging can make the sale.

    In the fall and winter, I don’t stage decks or patios, as furniture can get dirty and dingy quickly, and some year’s summer doesn’t start until August, but I think this year the weather is co-operating early.

    When staging the inside of a home, I create a design that will appeal to the type of family I imagine will be living in the home, as well as the style and location of the home. The same concepts apply when choosing an outdoor design. It isn’t necessary to fully stage the deck especially if it’s a large area, but if there’s a view it is important to create a seating vignette that highlights the view. I’ve had more than one client tell me that they wrote the offer for the home while sitting in my Adirondack chairs facing the sound in the sunset.


    Staging is important but landscaping is even more so. Even a home with a small back yard can be attractive and be a strong selling point. Here are a few ideas that I provided last year for creating an appealing back yard whether it’s large or small:

    1. If there isn’t a deck, pave or tile an area for outside dining.
    2. You can’t control the neighbors, but you can create a privacy screen. Adding a trellis to screen a sitting area creates a feeling of beauty and privacy even in a tiny back yard.privacy screen
    3. Use curves instead of angles. Every yard your buyers look at will have the traditional back yard with a square or rectangular lawn bordered with bark flower beds. If you are re-landscaping the back yard anyway, create curves instead of angles. It makes the yard stand out from the rest and costs about the same as standard landscaping.
    4. Add planter boxes and/or built in benches to decks and patios. Even in winter months you can create attractive planter boxes, using plants such as grasses, flowering Kale and cabbage, small evergreens and ivy that are hardy enough to withstand the weather.

    While the front of the home may be the first impression, the back yard is where the family will see themselves spending time once they have moved into the home. The curb appeal of the front of the home will get them in the door. Touring the interior that is staged to match their lifestyle will create the all important emotional connection, and the backyard design will seal the deal.

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